The garden is the authentic jewel of Borgo Muratori, and is where the owner concentrates all her energy.
Planned following the traditional Ligurian concept that requires the area to be divided in an olive grove, a citrus grove, and a vegetable garden, it has been expanded significantly on a project by the French landscape architect Henri Olivier which has added mastic hedges to mark the original terracing.

The ancient citrus grove has now a new small pool (1.50 – 4.00) particularly appreciated by adults and children to cool down after a day on the beach.
A short stroll will take you to the most panoramic spot of the estate. A pergola has been erected here, and it’s called “The pergola of the four steeples” because from here you can see Diano Marina, Cervo, Serreta, and Diano Castello with their beautiful churches – it is much appreciated by our guests for their candlelit dinners.

Magic is in the air… there’s a new special spot on Borgo Muratori premises: an outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by lentiscus hedges, cypresses, right by the vine pergola, olive trees stretch all around and complete the astonishing view. No better place to relax.
All around are the olive groves with one hundred-year–old trees of Cultivar Taggiasca – bearing a special type of olive that produces a particularly delicate extra virgin olive oil allotted to our guests.